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Our Story

Witt Bauknight started sharing his love for math and chemistry in high school by tutoring his peers. Witt pursued those topics with his chemical engineering degree during his time at UofSC in Columbia, all while tutoring in his free time.

Witt finished his chemical engineering degree and continued to get a Masters of Entrepreneurial Engineering at U of SC. Since he finished his masters at the height of the COVID-19 shutdown, he struggled to find an opportunity in the engineering field. With support from family and friends, Witt decided to go all-in with his ever-constant passion, tutoring. Since then, Witt has mastered the vital art of teaching via teleconference and has teamed up with other tutors to assist students anywhere with quality, personalized and convenient tutoring.

Marble Surface


  • Witt Bauknight

  • Columbia, SC

  • 7 yrs tutoring experience

  • Chemistry, Math, Physics

  • Caleb Cassidy

  • Myrtle Beach, SC

  • 2 yrs tutoring experience

  • Engineering, Math, Physics

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